Grammar Patterns

Graded and ungraded adjectives

The 'industrial' group

These adjectives classify people and things connected with other human institutions or with human activity, experience, and learning in general.
Large areas of agricultural land remain barren because the farming families who lived there have fled.
The nurses decided to give the patients their emotional support to help them heal.
Industrial production also rose for the first time since January.
Adoption is a legal process where the welfare and interests of the child are served.
Her only other contact was a military officer who would appear every six months with the grim news that her detention was being extended.
We need to foster a greater confidence about our own value and worth, not only among professional women but those who choose to stay home to raise a family.
The reaction of these chemicals with oxygen results in the release of heat. The scientific term for this process is 'combustion'.
  • academic
  • agricultural
  • civilian
  • commercial
  • corporate
  • criminal
  • cultural
  • domestic
  • dramatic
  • economic
  • educational
  • emotional
  • environmental
  • ethnic
  • financial
  • foreign
  • historical
  • illegal
  • industrial
  • intellectual
  • legal
  • literary
  • medical
  • mental
  • military
  • monetary
  • moral
  • musical
  • official
  • private
  • professional
  • psychological
  • public
  • racial
  • scientific
  • sexual
  • social
  • spiritual
  • technical
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