Grammar Patterns

in N

The 'prison' group

These nouns refer to places.
This use is very productive. It occurs with names of places, for example in Britain, and noun groups referring to places of many kinds, for example in the capital, in the kitchen, and in my car. We list below nouns which are very often used with this pattern.
People spending the night in the open built campfires for warmth.
They each face up to 50 years in prison if convicted on both charges.
The hotel is a lovely country villa in beautiful surroundings some 4 kilometres from Gubbio itself.
They are in town for next week's Market.
  • in bed
  • in church
  • in college
  • in court
  • in digs
  • in dock
  • in grade school
  • in high school
  • in hospital
  • in intensive care
  • in jail
  • in kennels
  • in kindergarten
  • in mid-air
  • in port
  • in prison
  • in school
  • in town
  • in the air
  • in the country
  • in the dry
  • in the open
  • in the wild
  • in ... surroundings
  • All these nouns except dry also have the pattern into N.
    Daniel got into bed, but he couldn't sleep.
    Mr Bedington said the animals were in a satisfactory condition and were due to be released back into the wild today.

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