Grammar Patterns

in N

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other nouns which have this pattern.
I realized it was fully in character for Pat to make this stand.
Godmanchester was a stopping-off place for soldiers on their way north. In consequence the area is rich in the Roman remains.
In hindsight it seems a preposterous mistake.
It's in their interest not to have a war.
Some conservatives in Washington argue that the arms control process has already gone too far. They are in a minority.
We hurried through the curtains, just in time.
  • in cash
  • in character
  • in consequence (of ...)
  • in context
  • in dispute
  • in doubt
  • in exchange
  • in hindsight
  • in part
  • in part exchange
  • in possession of ...
  • in preference to ...
  • in readiness (for ...)
  • in retrospect
  • in time (for ...)
  • in a/the majority
  • in a/the minority
  • in my interest /in the interest of ...
  • in my power
  • Cash, context, and doubt also have the pattern into N.
    To put the statistic into context even further, the narration pointed out that 1,000 people die on Europe's roads every 10 days.

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