Grammar Patterns

in N

The 'flames' group

These nouns refer to a state that someone or something is in. Contact, phase, and sync are reciprocal nouns
Some of these companies have been in existence a hundred and fifty years.
Half the building was in flames.
The situation was still in flux, he said.
He was not in the habit of taking physical exercise.
The economy is in a state of collapse.
If I am in the wrong I do not hesitate to apologise.
  • in abeyance*
  • in balance*
  • in contact (with ...)*
  • in effect*
  • in existence*
  • in favour (of ...)
  • in flames*
  • in flood
  • in flux
  • in focus*
  • in force*
  • in free fall*
  • in ignorance
  • in keeping (with ...)
  • in luck
  • in need (of ...)
  • in operation*
  • in order
  • in overdrive*
  • in perspective*
  • in phase (with ...)
  • in place*
  • in proportion (to ...)
  • in reverse*
  • in season
  • in spate
  • in sync (with ...)
  • in bad/good taste
  • in transition
  • in use
  • in the balance
  • in the dark
  • in the habit of ...*
  • in the know
  • in the nude
  • in the right
  • in the wrong
  • in a/no hurry
  • in a state of ...*
  • in its death throes
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    Paul got into the habit of dropping in to the apartment once or twice a week.
    The new laws came into operation in March.
    The whole process has now gone into reverse and house prices are going down, seemingly inexorably.

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