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The 'marvellous' group

These adjectives indicate that the event or situation indicated by the that-clause is a good or desirable one. They include:
    words with a general meaning e.g. brilliant, fantastic, marvellous
    words with a specific meaning e.g. appropriate, equitable, logical
    words that describe the effect it has on someone e.g. encouraging, exciting, reassuring
This is a productive use: any adjective that means 'good' or 'desirable' can be used in this pattern. We show below the most frequent.
It is far better that we work slowly in building up this agreement, making sure that it's something that is lasting and stable, rather than simply rushing into it.
I felt it was logical that I should finish my career with the club where it began.
Isn't it marvellous that these buildings have survived, she told herself.
It seems entirely reasonable that airline passengers who are unable to walk long distances should be provided with wheelchair assistance.
It's reassuring that only seven per cent have had an accident in the home in the last two years.
  • acceptable
  • admirable
  • advisable
  • appropriate
  • apt
  • beneficial
  • brilliant
  • commendable
  • convenient
  • cool
  • cute
  • desirable
  • encouraging
  • equitable
  • exciting
  • fabulous
  • fair
  • fantastic
  • fine
  • fitting
  • flattering
  • fortuitous
  • fortunate
  • good
  • gratifying
  • great
  • healthy
  • heartening
  • helpful
  • inspiring
  • laudable
  • logical
  • lovely
  • lucky
  • marvellous
  • nice
  • pleasing
  • preferable
  • proper
  • providential
  • realistic
  • reasonable
  • reassuring
  • refreshing
  • right
  • sensible
  • splendid
  • terrific
  • timely
  • understandable
  • useful
  • wise
  • wonderful
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