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The modal verb is followed by the bare infinitive form of another verb. The two verbs together form the verb group. The bare infinitive may be be followed by an '-ed' form or an '-ing' form.
 Modal verbinfinitive
Ican'ttellyou that.
Shecould notlieto him.
Wemaybe facinga catastrophe.
A secret ballotshallbe takenin such cases.
The buildingshouldreopensoon.
All the modal verbs are used with this pattern, with a variety of meanings. These include:
    expressing certainty or uncertainty about a situation e.g. could, might, must
    saying what sometimes happens e.g. can, may
    talking about an obligation e.g. must, need, should
    talking about ability e.g. can, could
    saying what someone dare do
    talking about future possibilities e.g. may, shall, will
    talking about permission e.g. can, may, might
    talking about something hypothetical e.g. should, would
Insect stings can be nasty too but they aren't usually dangerous.
The British Airways desk clerk said she could not accept me on to the plane unless I showed my passport.
We dare not let that happen again.
And many thanks to Debbie for her calm manner and eye for detail. Finally, may I thank Tony for all his support and good humour during the most trying of times.
Might I ask what you're doing here?
He had decided she must have some idea of what was going on.
Only those who have been misbehaving or who have something to hide need worry.
If you don't want to talk to me, I shan't try to force you to.
Maybe you should see a doctor, get something to help you sleep.
So will interest rates keep rising?
If this became known, he would be lucky to escape with his life.

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