Grammar Patterns

N against n

The 'attack' group

These nouns refer to fighting or opposing someone or something, or attempting to harm someone.
The attack against him demonstrated that many faculty members were more than eager to condemn him once they smelt blood.
He announced a continuation of the campaign against drink-driving.
Serious crime against tourists is rare, and when it happens it causes genuine shock.
The film has been banned here as an offence against national pride, dignity and honour.
The diplomat was said to have been involved in an assassination plot against dissidents living in the United States.
Her friend's teenage son, mourning his older brother, risks everything in his resistance against the enemy he's sworn to hate.
The struggles against racism and fascism are once again moving to the top of the political agenda.
They accuse him of conducting a witch-hunt against other writers.
  • action
  • agitation
  • alliance
  • assault
  • attack
  • backlash
  • battle
  • blow
  • campaign
  • conspiracy
  • coup
  • crime
  • crusade
  • demonstration
  • drive
  • fight
  • measure
  • offence
  • offensive
  • onslaught
  • petition
  • plot
  • policy
  • protest
  • raid
  • reaction
  • rebellion
  • resistance
  • revenge
  • revolt
  • revolution
  • stand
  • strike
  • struggle
  • uprising
  • vendetta
  • violence
  • vote
  • war
  • witch-hunt
  • There are also the nouns campaigner, crusader, and fighter, which refer to a person who opposes something.
    The professor was also a staunch campaigner against what he saw as unnatural experiments with the unborn child.

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