Grammar Patterns

N of n

The 'magnitude' group

The noun refers to something that can be expressed as an amount or figure. The noun group after of specifies the amount or figure. This pattern is N of amount.
This is a productive use: any noun referring to something that can be measured or timed can be used with this pattern.
The organisers of the Games have set a ceiling of 15,000 competitors and officials.
The watch featured here is waterproof to a depth of 100 metres.
The European Commission foresees growth of 1.6 per cent, up from an original estimate of 1 per cent.
The performance will start at 6pm, and at 7pm there will be an interval of one hour.
Two of the world's most powerful earthquakes, at a magnitude of nearly 8.8, occurred in Chile in 1906 and in Japan in 1933.
The company should be able to maintain last year's dividend payment of 4.5p a share.
It is believed the sale reflected a yield of around 18 per cent.
  • age
  • allowance
  • altitude
  • ceiling
  • contribution
  • cost
  • depth
  • distance
  • donation
  • drop
  • estimate
  • expenditure
  • extension
  • gain
  • gap
  • gift
  • growth
  • height
  • increase
  • interval
  • investment
  • IQ
  • length
  • magnitude
  • majority
  • payment
  • period
  • range
  • rate
  • saving
  • shortfall
  • slope
  • span
  • sum
  • time
  • walk
  • weight
  • yield
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