Grammar Patterns

N that

Nouns with other meanings

There are a large number of other nouns which have this pattern. All of them are abstract nouns which need the sort of definition or expansion that is provided by the that-clause.
This business had the added advantage that it could be run from home.
He will choose his friends on the basis that each has something special to offer which makes him different from the others.
The US was pressing the case that Nato must have full control.
Is there any convention that male tennis players should serve more softly to women in mixed doubles?
Customers have been advised to check frozen food bought in recent weeks after the discovery that several items have been spiked with sewing needles.
The fact that the earthquake hit so early in the morning probably saved tens of thousands of workers.
The pretence that society has as its top priority giving the best opportunities to its children is seen to be a sham.
She kept the police waiting at the front door on the pretext that she could not find the keys to unlock the door.
We still have the problem that so many people are seeing the values of their property fall below their mortgage.
  • advantage
  • anomaly
  • appearance
  • basis
  • benefit
  • case
  • coincidence
  • complication
  • connection
  • consensus
  • consequence
  • consideration
  • contradiction
  • conundrum
  • convention
  • deception
  • dilemma
  • disadvantage
  • discovery
  • effect
  • exception
  • fact
  • fiction
  • gamble
  • grounds
  • justification
  • limitation
  • notice
  • paradox
  • pretence
  • pretext
  • problem
  • prospect
  • reason
  • restriction
  • result
  • scenario
  • sensation
  • sense
  • theme
  • tradition
  • truth
  • twist
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