Grammar Patterns

Nouns used as modifiers

Nouns with other meanings

There is a very large number of other nouns which are often used as modifiers. Here are some examples:
He coached Mrs Nash's two sons, who went on to become talented amateur boxers, representing Australia.
Inside was a lion cub in a cage, a baby elephant, which stood swaying gently from side to side, and three leopards.
She was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, after customs officers found 6.2 kg (13.5 lb) of heroin in her luggage.
A Supreme Court judge found the doctor had been medically negligent in not ordering follow-up tests.
He was sent to prison for four years for making a hoax call to police about a bomb at Victoria station.
Critical illness insurance pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness from a list drawn up by the insurance company.
The undeniable fact is that shopping is a favourite leisure activity in Australia.
He took a special delight in children, telling them stories and performing magic tricks.
The five opposition parties that participated in the election were expected to get no more than two seats in the 150-member chamber.
The team had examined radio waves from 200 stars for evidence of alien life, but none was found.
He needed two removal vans for his luggage - mostly the 8000 volumes of his library.
The area known as Freak Street has become something of a tourist attraction in its own right.
A 67-year-old trainee pilot damaged his shoulder but escaped serious injury when his motorised hang glider crashed on landing on South Stradbroke Island yesterday.
An umbrella organisation for all gay groups was established.
The former Archbishop of Canterbury criticised the university for dropping theology from its undergraduate courses.
Note that some plural nouns are used in a singular form when used to modify another noun.
The singer is arguing that he is entitled to continuing royalty payments for work he carried out during his time in the band.
In a bizarre coincidence, twins Paul and Barry Ryan entered hospital simultaneously for tonsil operations.
He stuffed Sam's letter into his trouser pocket.

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