Grammar Patterns

Phrasal modals


The phrasal modal is followed by the bare infinitive of another verb. The phrasal modal and the infinitive together form the verb group.
 Phrasal modalinfinitive
Sheis able tosit upin a wheelchair.
Theywere going toshootsomething.
Heused toshoutat people.
All the phrasal modals have this pattern.
The deep-sea diving is bound to take me away a good deal, but I know when it's time to settle down, then I'll be looking to come back here.
'Maybe we ought to explore the mountain a little,' said Ginger to Steve.
It was supposed to last for a year and actually lasted eight.
We need good health and circulation of our blood and we would do well not to add salt to our food at all.
  • be able to
  • had best
  • had better
  • be bound to
  • be going to
  • have got to
  • have to
  • be liable to
  • be meant to
  • ought to
  • would rather
  • would just as soon
  • would sooner
  • be supposed to
  • be sure to
  • be unable to
  • used to
  • would do well to
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