Grammar Patterns

V n out of n

The 'make' group

These verbs are concerned with making something. The prepositional phrase indicates the materials or things that are used to make the thing. We include here be born, which indicates that something abstract is created from or produced by something else.
His quest for justice was born out of the violence and racism he encountered in his youth.
Joe remained as immobile as if he had been carved out of rock.
None of these scenarios has been simply dreamed up out of the air: each has a serious basis.
He was very clever with his hands and he enjoyed making new things out of old bits and pieces.
  • be born
  • carve (usu passive)
  • conjure
  • construct (usu passive)
  • create
  • cut
  • fashion
  • hew (usu passive)
  • make
  • manufacture
  • conjure up
  • dream up
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