Grammar Patterns

V n to-inf

II.3 The 'cause' group

These verbs are concerned with making or causing someone do something. This includes:
    forcing someone to do something e.g. blackmail, coerce
    condemning someone to do something e.g. condemn, sentence
    tempting someone to do something e.g. entice, tempt
    persuading someone to do something e.g. convince, persuade
    causing someone to do something or something to happen e.g. cause, lead
The difference between this meaning group and meaning group II.2 above is that here the action does not necessarily involve talking, and the implication is that the person concerned actually does the action indicated by the to-infinitive clause. In this meaning group, the Subject is often inanimate.
The verb make occurs in this pattern only in the passive: the corresponding active pattern is V n inf (see Section 5 below).
It's much easier to bribe the children to mow the lawn than to get down on their hands and knees pulling weeds out.
The force of her shove caused me to crack my head against someone else's.
There are no vested interests that would compel us to conceal the truth.
The prosecutor told the court that the 27-year-old should be condemned to spend the rest of her life behind bars.
It was September 1982 when his love for books drove him to open his own shop.
Kim's gnawing conscience and guilt led her to overeat.
I did nothing wrong, yet I'm being made to suffer like this.
She and Kath were roped in to talk to students in Blackpool about the strike.
In the case of bring, discipline, nerve, rouse, steel, and stir, the noun group is always a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl to-inf.
Even now she couldn't bring herself to tell John the whole truth.
I want to discipline myself to write more.
She used to be so shy, she says, she had to steel herself to walk into a launderette.
  • bind
  • blackmail
  • brainwash (usu passive)
  • bribe
  • (cannot) bring
  • cause
  • coerce
  • compel
  • condemn
  • condition (usu passive)
  • constrain (usu passive)
  • convince
  • discipline
  • doom
  • drive
  • entice
  • force
  • get
  • impel
  • induce
  • lead
  • be made
  • manipulate
  • nerve
  • obligate
  • oblige
  • pay
  • pay (usu passive)
  • persuade
  • push
  • rouse
  • sentence
  • steel
  • stir
  • tempt
  • rope in
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