Grammar Patterns

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II.8 The 'submit' group

These verbs are concerned with submissive behaviour. This includes:
    behaving in a humble or ingratiating way e.g. grovel, suck up
    giving in on an issue e.g. submit, yield
The Government will not bow to pressure from the extreme right.
He's repeated that France will not give in to US demands to reduce EU agricultural subsidies.
You strongly imply that we kowtow to advertisers. Nothing could be further from the truth.
We cannot and will not submit to those forces who wish to panic our city and who disregard the value of human life.
She kept sucking up to the teachers, especially Mrs Clements and Miss Pearson.
  • bend
  • bow
  • capitulate
  • defer
  • genuflect
  • grovel
  • kowtow
  • pander
  • submit
  • succumb
  • surrender
  • toady
  • yield
  • bow down
  • cave in
  • give in
  • knuckle under
  • sell out
  • suck up
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