Grammar Patterns

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II.15 The 'progress' and 'switch' group

These verbs are concerned with starting to be in a different situation. This includes:
    doing something different
    starting to have, use, or deal with something different e.g. switch
    going back to a previous situation e.g. return, revert
Of all the conventional farmers around here, he's the best. In his heart I know he'd like to change over to the organic method we're using.
Daniel forced himself to concentrate. But it was no use. His mind kept flashing back to the previous night.
In various interviews with the media, he explained why he agreed to return to his old job as foreign minister.
He shot to fame with 'Hello Darling', but his follow-up releases failed to achieve the same success.
Eat as much freshly prepared or raw food as you can and switch to low-fat, wholemeal foods wherever possible.
The preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The graduate trainee may progress to dealing i.e. working in the trading office of a broker.
  • accede
  • ascend
  • attain
  • catapult
  • change
  • come
  • convert
  • descend
  • fast-forward
  • get
  • graduate
  • move
  • progress
  • regress
  • return
  • revert
  • shoot
  • stoop
  • succeed
  • switch
  • switch (Your attention)
  • turn
  • change down
  • change over
  • flash back (Your mind)
  • get back
  • go over
  • move on
  • move over
  • switch over
  • win through
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