Grammar Patterns

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II.24 The 'correspond' group

These verbs indicate that one thing is similar to another or is linked to it in some way. This includes:
    resembling something
    matching a description, idea, or standard
    having a connection with something
The verbs correlate, correspond, relate, and match up are often reciprocal verbs or ergative reciprocal verbs (see Chapters 6 and 8).
The hitchhiker was on the Portmarnock to Balgriffin road, and he answered to Rory's description.
It consists of three slabs inscribed on both sides with a text that approximates to Latin.
That number corresponds to a telephone number on this list he gave me.
How does your job measure up to your ideal?
  • answer
  • approximate
  • conform
  • correlate
  • correspond
  • equate
  • relate
  • hark back
  • match up
  • measure up
  • stack up
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