Grammar Patterns

V wh

The 'think' group

These verbs are concerned with thinking about something. This includes:
    knowing or understanding something
    forgetting or remembering something
    understanding something wrongly e.g. mistake, underestimate
    having an attitude towards a situation e.g. care, mind
    wondering or speculating about a situation e.g. consider, surmise
    thinking about the future e.g. foresee, predict
I've never known her not to care what she looked like before.
Observers doubt if this Sunday's elections will produce a government able or willing to tackle the economic crisis.
They claim they can accurately foretell whether a marriage will work or not.
I rarely went to the movies and I forgot what it was like to eat in a fancy restaurant.
The last time I saw him, he said he was going to try and get to America. But I don't know whether he made it or not.
No one should mistake how serious it is.
It's too early to speculate where the problem occurred.
They don't stop to think who's going to do the actual basic work.
Good putters are those golfers who have the ability to visualize what the ball will do.
Brand wondered what thoughts were going through her mind.
The verb agree is a reciprocal verb and often has a plural Subject with this pattern.
They are furious. They want action. But they don't agree what the problem is or what the action should be.
  • accept
  • acknowledge
  • agree
  • anticipate
  • appreciate
  • (cannot) believe
  • care
  • (cannot) conceive
  • conjecture
  • consider
  • debate
  • decide
  • determine
  • doubt (if/whether)
  • envisage
  • envision
  • fantasize
  • figure
  • foresee
  • foretell
  • forget
  • guess
  • hypothesize
  • imagine
  • know
  • marvel (how)
  • mind (if)
  • (not) mind
  • mistake
  • misunderstand
  • ponder
  • predict
  • reflect (how)
  • rehearse
  • remember
  • resolve
  • see
  • speculate
  • surmise
  • suspect
  • think
  • underestimate
  • understand
  • visualize
  • wonder
  • worry
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