Grammar Patterns

V wh

The 'discover' group

These verbs are concerned with coming to know something or bringing something to mind. This includes:
    working something out e.g. analyse, calculate
    finding something out e.g. discover, investigate
    realizing something e.g. realize, twig
    remembering something you had forgotten
    finding something out through the senses e.g. catch, feel
Keep a record of how much you watch each week and calculate what it amounts to a year.
'Is this really necessary?' he shouted, after failing twice to catch what he was being told.
An inquiry was underway last night to discover why Smith was not handcuffed to his police escort.
I wanted to have a look at the book on my own to find out what was going on.
You can judge how warm your cat is by the posture he adopts.
The study is following the health of over a half million people to learn who gets cancer and why.
How easy is it to pinpoint what makes a face appealing to us?
After meandering down endless country lanes like the bottoms of ditches I realized why we were led astray: someone had turned a signpost around.
Several times she heard her name being called but when she turned around to see who it was, no one was in the room.
It's been nagging away at me for ages, but now I've finally twigged who that silly-looking man reminds me of.
You have to weigh up whether a human life is more important than an animal's life.
The verb look is used only as an imperative.
Hey, Mom, look what I can do.
  • analyse
  • ascertain
  • assess
  • calculate
  • catch
  • check
  • decide
  • deduce
  • detect
  • determine
  • discern
  • discover
  • divine
  • establish
  • estimate
  • (cannot) fathom
  • feel
  • find
  • guess
  • hear
  • investigate
  • judge
  • learn
  • look
  • note
  • notice
  • observe
  • perceive
  • pinpoint
  • prove
  • read
  • realize
  • recall
  • recognize
  • recollect
  • reconstruct
  • register
  • remember
  • see
  • sense
  • suss
  • (can) tell
  • tell
  • think
  • twig
  • verify
  • weigh
  • fathom out
  • figure out
  • find out
  • make out
  • piece together
  • pin down
  • puzzle out
  • suss out
  • think through
  • weigh up
  • work out
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