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V wh

Structure information

The wh-clause is a new clause, with its own structure.Not all verbs that are sometimes followed by a finite wh-clause have the pattern V wh. For example, the following sentence is not an example of a V wh pattern:Remington knew what other people didn't yet realize - that no one's life really mattered.In this example, what other people didn't yet realize occurs in the place of an ordinary noun group. It could be paraphrased as the thing that other people didn't yet realize.
Compare this with a sentence that does have a V wh pattern:
I knew what she really intended to do.
In this example, what she really intended to do does not occur in the place of an ordinary noun group. It indicates that something is unknown, and could be paraphrased as what it was that she really intended to do. This structure has a passive, with the pattern be V-ed. The wh-clause is the Subject. However, the passive does not often occur, and not all verbs with this structure occur in the passive at all. The following verbs are the ones that are most frequently used in the passive.
  • decide
  • demonstrate
  • describe
  • detect
  • determine
  • dictate
  • discuss
  • explain
  • indicate
  • reveal
  • underline
  • The phrasal verb pattern is the same except that there is also a particle, P, which comes after the verb.

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