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What is an interrogative adjective?
An interrogative adjective is a question word such as which, what or how much
that is used when asking about a noun, for example: Which colour?; What size?;
How much sugar?
  • In Italian the interrogative adjectives are che, quale and quanto.
  • che and quale are used to ask which or what:
  • Use che or quale with singular nouns.
Che giorno è oggi?What day is it today?
A che ora ti alzi?What time do you get up at?
Quale tipo vuoi?What kind do you want?
Per quale squadra tifi?Which team do you support?
  • Use che or quali with plural nouns.
Che gusti preferisci?Which flavours do you like best?
Quali programmi hai?What plans have you got?
  • Use quanto with masculine nouns and quanta with feminine nouns to ask how much.
Quanto pane hai comprato?How much bread did you buy?
Quanta minestra vuoi?How much soup do you want?
  • Use quanti with masculine nouns and quante with feminine nouns to ask how many.
Quanti bicchieri ci sono?How many glasses are there?
Quante uova vuoi?How many eggs do you want?
  • For more information on Questions, see Questions.
Key points
  • Use che with any noun to mean which or what.
  • quale has the plural form quali.
  • quanto has feminine and plural forms.

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