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Resources for Teaching Grammar Patterns

This page contains teaching material which language teachers can use with their learners in order to introduce them to Pattern Grammar. Written by an experienced corpus linguist and teacher trainer, these exercises and activities are designed to heighten learners’ awareness of grammar patterns and to give them practice in recognising and using particular patterns. The resources consist of paper-based exercises and activities, authentic reading texts and accompanying exercises and activities, a card game and the lesson plan and material for a discovery learning lesson.

The resources have been divided into three sections. Section one contains material for use with elementary learners, section two contains material for intermediate learners, and section three has material for the advanced level. Sections one and two have a short video which introduces the material and gives the teacher some ideas about the aim of the material and how it can be used. The final section contains a card game for use with advanced learners and everything teachers need in order to set up a discovery lesson which utilises some of the corpus data used in the research.

The material is based on research which was carried out at the University of Birmingham by the COBUILD team. If you would like to learn more about Pattern Grammar and the research it is based on, please click here.

Dr. Crayton Walker introduces the material which has been developed for use with elementary level learners

Unit 1

Patterns: make something, make someone do something

Unit 2

Patterns: make/get/let/allow someone to do something

Unit 3

Patterns: get something, get someone to do something, get to do something, get + adj

Dr. Crayton Walker introduces the material which has been developed for use with intermediate level learners

Unit 1

Reading Lesson - Identifying patterns in Authentic Text. Patterns: Noun + of + noun

Unit 2

Reading Lesson - Pattern: Adj + Noun, Noun + Noun

Unit 3

Reading Lesson - Patterns: Adj + to verb, Adj + for + Nount, Adj + about + Noun

Unit 4.

Reading Lesson (Higher Intermediate) - Patterns: Verb + to-infinitive, Verb + Verb-ing

The Pattern Grammar Matching Game

Here is a copy of the instructions and a master copy of the cards. If possible, the cards should be copied onto thin card and cut out. It is always useful to laminate them if you can.

The Pattern Grammar Discovery Lesson

This lesson uses the discovery learning method to introduce Pattern Grammar to advanced learners of English. The learners use corpus data to discover two important principles associated with grammar patterns.

In this video, Dr Crayton Walker describes the structure and content of a discovery learning lesson designed to introduce Pattern Grammar to advanced learners

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